Hi everyone,

I have just returned to the land of WiFi and found that none of my recent posts actually made it to the blog despite me keeping them well below the 100 character limit imposed by using the satphone. So here is an update.

Following the rest day at Phoksundo Lake we continued south staying 1 night (last Sunday) at Chhepka before reaching the end of the trek at Juphal the following day (Monday). Our flights back to Kathmandu via Nepalgunj were booked for the Wednesday to give us some leeway in case of problems. In the event there were problems with the plane and all flights were cancelled. We tried to charter 2 other planes but despite being told each in turn was on its way neither actually turned up. Such is Nepal. 

Following another nail-biting night last night the plane did turn up this morning and we flew out at 7:45 this morning. We are now at Nepalgunj awaiting the onwards flight to Kathmandu just after 4pm local time, about 5 hours from now.

However, enough of the logistics. I have one heck of a story to tell you and I really can’t wait to tell it. I wanted to tell it ‘live’ but couldn’t as my plan to link the iPad to my Thuraya satphone was stymied by the iPad refusing to recognise the phone. Then, as you know, the satphone transmissions were limited to about 100 characters. As the count includes punctuation and spaces that allowed nothing more than brief positional updates. So I have been making written notes every day and have taken plenty of photographs. These will enable the story to be told in a few days time.

It will be called “The boy in the orange jacket – an epic tale of human migration in Upper Dolpo”.

For now I’ll just leave you with the assurance that we are all well and have had an amazing physical and cultural experience that will be shared.

Bye for now!