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Hi everyone,

In the ‘about’ section of this blog I said that I would share with you plans for the development of my writing. Well, 2 days ago I started a 6-week distance learning course with the Writer’s Guild University. This US-based company has been helping aspiring writers to hone their craft to a publishable standard for 90 years. The course I am taking is called ‘Essentials of Travel Writing’ which will help me to explore the different types of articles that can be written while developing my writing style. Under the guidance of a renowned travel writer and photographer I will learn about the travel writing industry and produce an article that should not only keep readers captivated but garner interest from travel editors. Well that’s the theory anyway. Either way I know it’s going to be fun and challenging, and it has started well.

Following some initial reading and creative exercises which were completed yesterday I have already made my first submission. Students were asked to choose two travel subjects we might want to write about and to prepare narrative summaries of around 250 words giving the focus of each article. One potential article was to be about a destination, or aspect of a destination, and the other about any travel-related subject we could research at home.

As Clare and I are about to go to the Greek Island of Lefkas on holiday you won’t be surprised to know my destination piece is based there.

The second piece will focus on preparations being made in the small Belgian town of Waterloo to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the famous battle that took place there in 1815. The article will also advise visitors on transport and accommodation options and present other attractions in the area.

Following critical review and further submissions one or other of these will be developed into the real thing, with the aim of achieving publication. We’ll see eh?

So, once again, I invite you come with me. We’re going to Lefkas; an emerald in a sapphire sea.