Hi everyone,

So sorry it’s been a while since my last update. As you know I had intended to take you all to Lefkas and Corfu with me. I had started to do so while at the same time doing a distance learning course with the Writers Digest University. Not long into the course I learned that publishers are less than impressed if they find material being offered to them for publication has already been published elsewhere, including in a personal blog! So, to be on the safe side, I haven’t posted anything new for a few weeks.

However, as things have moved on apace I can now share a few things with you.

Thanks to my wife Clare’s diligence in spotting a particular magazine in a taverna by Preveza airport while we were on holiday, I have just seen my Agiofili Beach article in print, and one of my photographs on the front cover. You may imagine how pleased I am! The magazine is called ‘The Ionian’. If you are interested in what previously would have been in the blog you can read the magazine online here: http://www.theionian.com

I understand from the editor that my ‘Corfu’s most beautiful villages’ article is scheduled for the September edition.

In the meantime I have written two articles related to next year’s 200th anniversary of the battle of Waterloo and am waiting to hear from the editor of a history magazine as to whether they wish to publish either of them.

I have also entered a travel writing competition called ‘Away With Words’, run jointly by The Telegraph and Saga. The winner will be judged by journalists from a shortlist of 20 articles. There are hundreds of entries and the shortlist will be the 20 articles with the most ‘votes’ by friends and family. So (with apologies if you’ve already received this request via another FB post) would you please follow each of these links and vote for my two entries? I hope you enjoy the stories too! Feel free to share the links more widely! Thank you very much.



Having been admonished recently by friends and relatives (Mike and Dan especially!) for not blogging I shall try and do better in future. I just need to find a way of writing for you while not compromising publication opportunities later.